Beth Mcdonald

BethMcdonald - Beth Mcdonald

User. BethMcdonald
Name. Beth Mcdonald
Age. 22
Sexual Preference. Bisexual

Swinging, Being Filmed, Spanking (receiving), Deep Throat, 15 Mins "quickie", Swallow, Parties, Tantric, Gang Bangs, Striptease, Prostate Massage, Voyeurism, Dinner Dates, Spanking (giving), Face Sitting, Dogging, Moresomes, Sybian & Machine Sex, Waterspo

Height. 5'5" - 5'9"
Weight. 115-130lbs
Breast Size. Tiny
Star Sign. Leo
Hair Color. Fire red
Hair Length. Short
Eye Color. Brown
Build. Petite
Ethnicity. hispanic
Gender. female + + + + + + + 6
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